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Washington State University
Biological Systems Engineering Engineering for Life

Admin Resource Page for Graham

WordPress at WSU

Google Drive folder

Chrome Tools that I use: 

Colorzilla (eyedropper to select/find a color value on any site)

Pageruler (measures size on anything you select)

WAVE (accessibility evaluation tool) This is a tool suggested by WSU Communications.

CAHNRS Communications Site – web support

Content Audit Sheet – this is a form that was created by someone who is no longer at CAHNRS communications. If you want to use, I suggest making yourself a copy, since this document is saved with multiple people.





Lab Sites

Dr. Tang

There is a page called
This is the original way that I had the equipment under the Analytic Chemistry Service Center set up. I kept it b/c if we ever wanted to go back to this method, it would be super simple.