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Washington State University
Biological Systems Engineering News: Graduate Student

Student Wins First Place

September 22, 2016

Congratulations to BSE, Tri-Cities student Hector Camargo! Hector won a Student Award at the 2016 International Society for Horticulture Science in Avignon, France.

He presented two papers, one poster, and one oral presentation. His poster titled: Modeling the growth of pollen tubes for Gala and Fuji Apples and his oral presentation: Predicting the Release of Endodormancy and Bud Break Occurrence for grapevines won 1st place in Hortimodel.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Melba Ruth Salazar-Gutierrez



ASABE Student Mile Award

It is a pleasure to announce that at the 2016 ASABE Annual International Meeting in Florida, the graduate students of WSU BSE secured the “Student Mile Award” for the 2nd time consecutively. In addition, Ravi Kiran, was elected as ASABE IPC student officer.

Outstanding NRES Student Presentations Delivered

The NRES Student Oral and Poster competition at this year’s AIM in New Orleans saw a total of 114 student oral presentations in NRES sponsored sessions, approximately 45% of all potential NRES oral presentations in non-invited NRES sessions. The following are recognized for their Outstanding Oral Presentations:

  • Timothy Grant, University of Tennessee, “Effect of Polymer-coated Urea on Cotton Yield and Nitrogen Uptake under Various Irrigation Regimes and in Varying Soil Water-holding Conditions”
  • Ana Martin-Ryals, University of Illinois, “Utilizing AnMBR Technology and Bioaugmentation to Improve Energy Recovery from Wastewater”
  • Amanda Montgomery, Purdue University, “The Effects of Different Biofuel Crops and Fertilizer Rates on Subsurface Water Quality and Yield on Marginal Land”
  • Carlington Wallace, Purdue University, “Quantifying the Effects of Future Climate Conditions on Runoff, Sediment and Chemical Losses for Different Watershed Sizes”
  • Iftikhar Zeb, Washington State University, “Recycling AD Effluent as Dilution Water for AD Process: Effects of TAN and Salinity”

PSIFT Winners

Puget Sound Section Institute of Food Technologists (PSIFT) 2016 Achievement Awards

  • Poonam Bajaj and Shuxiang Liu are recipients of Outstanding Student Award.
  • Ravi Kiran Tadapaneni, Ellen Bornhorst, Jungang Wang and Deepali Jain are recipients of Travel award.
  • Hongchao Zhang is recipient of Scholastic Award.

PSIFT 2016

The awards were presented to recipients at the Student Awards Dinner on Thursday May 12th in Seattle by PSIFT.

Graduate Seminar Awards

Fifteen graduate students presented their research work as a part of BSysE 598 Graduate Seminar course. Four Best Presentation Awards were presented by Dr. Claudio Stöckle on December 10, 2015.

First Place: Shuxiang Liu

Second Place: Ellen Bornhorst

Third Place: Jungang Wang

Fourth Place: Ali Abghari

Fourth Place: Mohammad Amini

The students received recognition certificates and cash award.

Doctoral student travels from China to study biofuels pretreatment technology

September 14, 2015 | Tri-Cities Business News, by Maegan Murray

Libing ZhangAs scientists and engineers work to create more efficient biofuels, there is one step of the process that remains expensive and, in some circumstances, inefficient for large-scale production.

One of the most significant challenges of cellulosic bio-refining has been and continues to be the development of effective and low-cost pretreatment technology, which is one of the first steps in the biofuels production process.

WSU Tri-Cities doctoral student Libing Zhang traveled from her homeland of southeast China to attend WSU for her doctoral program because of the research WSU is conducting in this field.

[read full article]

Student Awards

Congratulations Students!

Innu Chaudhary, advised by Dr. Shulin Chen, and Muhammad Azeem Khan, advised by Dr. Claudio Stockle were awarded scholarships at the 2015 CAHNRS Fall Festival.

The following students received an award from the GPSA’s Travel and Registration Grant Program for the summer 2015:

  • Shuxiang Liu
  • Carlos Zuniga
  • Seyedehsanaz Jarolmasjed