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Celebrating Over 100 Years of Agricultural and Biological Systems Engineering at WSU

As Washington agriculture changed over the last century, so too did teaching and research in agricultural engineering at Washington State University.

That evolution is chronicled in detail in two recently published books.

Written by current and retired faculty and present staff from the department, the books reach from the university’s 1892 origins to the present, highlighting the forces that shaped the department as well as its growing team and changing faces.

“The Department goes beyond a single life,” wrote BSE chair Manuel Garcia-Perez. “It is a huge social enterprise in which several generations have invested their lives, their dreams, and their humanity. We are a big family with a long and distinguished history well worth documenting.”

Celebrating the Legacy of more than 100 years of Agricultural Engineering at Washington State University

Book #1 Department History: “Agricultural and Biological Systems Engineering at Washington State University: More than 100 Years Committed to Building a Better and More Sustainable Agriculture (pdf).”

Celebrating a century of impact by WSU’s Biological Systems Engineers

Book #2 Faculty History: “Agricultural and Biological Systems Engineering at Washington State University: Volume Two: The faculty 1910-2023. More than 100 years committed to building a better and more sustainable agriculture (pdf).”