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  • BSYSE 512 – Poster Competition Awards

    On behalf of Dr. Wu and Dr. Tang, we would like to congratulate the winners of the BSYSE 512 – Poster Competition.

    1st Place: Yaqoob Majeed – “Mechanical/Automatic Solution for Labor Intensive Branch Training in Trellis Trained Apple Trees”

    2nd Place: Momtanu Chakraborty – “Evaluation of Vineyard Growth Using NIR and Thermal Images under Different Irrigation Treatments”

    3rd Place: Santosh Bhusal – “Bird Deterrence in Fruit Crops Using Unmanned Aerial Systems(UAS)” and Evan Terrell – “Primary Reactions in Pyrolysis of Milled Wood Lignin: The Effect of Vacuum on Product Distributions”

    Honorable Mentions: Kapil Khanal – “Red Raspberry Cane Identification Using Spectral Signature” and Lin Chen – … » More …

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