Charges For WSU Clients

To insure the currency of this facility and to provide funds for equipment supplies, upgrades, replacement and new acquisitions; the following charges will apply:

Agilent GC-FID$90$280$120
Agilent GC-MS$90$280$180
Agilent HPLC$90$280 n/a
Agilent ICP-MS$410n/a n/a
Agilent LC-QQQ$300$950 n/a
Agilent Pyro-GC-MS$90$280$180
Dionex IC$110$320$180
Fibertec Fiber Analyzer$65$195$120
Karl Fisher Titrator$120$360$60
Kjeltec Nitrogen Analyzer$65$195$120
LECO CHN Analyzer$300n/an/a
LECO Sulfur Analyzer$300$n/an/a
Mettler-Toledo Auto Titrator$40$120$90
Mettler-Toledo TGA$60$180$90
Parr Bench Top Reactor$40$120$120
Plantary Ball Mill$30$90$60
Shimadzu Fluorescence$40$120$90
Shimadzu FT-IR$50$150$120
Shimadzu GC-FID$90$280$120
Shimadzu TOC-5000$40$120$120
Shimadzu UV-Vis$40$120$90
Varian AA$80$240$90
Varian GC$90$280$120
Varian HPLC$90$280 n/a
Surface Area, Porosity,
Pore Size/Distribution, or Chemisorption
(per sample cost)
Flash Point$75$225$120
 TreatmentPrice Per Batch RunTraining
Auger Pyrolysis$400n/a
Pyro Pre-Treatment$20$60
MPA Respirometer
Batch of 8
BioFlow 410  7-day run$313$150

* These charges are for estimation purposes only.
Please contact Jonathan Lomber for the current service center charges and equipment availability.


Jonathan P. Lomber
Scientific Laboratory Manager
Biological Systems Engineering
L.J. Smith Hall 112
PO Box 646120
Pullman, WA 99164-6120