BSE Computer Support

These pages are for technology questions unique to WSU and our department. They are especially helpful for new faculty, staff, and students.


“My computer is OK but I cannot connect to the network.”

  • Is everyone around you having trouble as well? Then it is probably a campus-wide problem and it will resolve itself in an hour or so.
  • Is it just your computer? If yes, then completely shut down and restart your system. Often that will clear the problem.
  • If you are connected to the wireless network, then plug your computer into the wall or vice versa if you are connected to the wall.
  • If above fails then contact CAHNRS IT.


The following computer issues are handled by CAHNRS IT.

  • Network Connectivity including wireless
  • Electronic Mail setup and troubleshooting
  • Viruses
  • Computer Setup
  • Software
  • Performance issues
  • Specifying, ordering, configuring and installing new computers

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