Safety Training and Orientation

Safety Training and Orientation for BSE Employees via HRS SkillSoft

Paid Employees

Chair’s Safety Memo 9/15/2019 – New Safety Training for all Biological Systems Engineering Personnel (pdf).

Safe conditions and procedures in our laboratories, classrooms, and offices are paramount for our students, faculty, staff, visitors, and volunteers in Biological Systems Engineering. All personnel are required to complete the below online safety training courses at a minimum.  Individual research groups, operating procedures, or locations may have additional training requirements to account for additional hazards you will encounter.  If at any time you do not feel you have received the appropriate training, or have suggestions for additional training to be included below please reach out to someone on the BSE Safety Committee.

If you are new to BSE, it may take a week before you have access to the online safety training courses though the Human Resource Services (HRS) links in the below verification checklists.  You will receive an email from WSU HRS (pdf) notifying you that you have been assigned training when your training account becomes active.  You will only have access to the HRS training if you are an employee (anyone that receives some type of payment from WSU (faculty, staff, student on an RA, TA, or time-slip).  Non-paid personnel, students (Fulbright or Government sponsored scholarships), visiting faculty, visiting scholars, and volunteers that do not have access to the HRS training courses please click here for further instructions.

After completing the required training:

  • Provide training transcripts, certificates, checklists and the below training verification for your research group to your supervisor and have them verify that you have completed the required training by signing the verification form.
  • Make two additional copies of the items above and give the original signed copy to the BSE main office, give one copy to your supervisor, and keep the final copy for your records.

Please refer to the below supervisor safety training verification checklists below to find the training specific to your research group.

Personnel are responsible for adhering to and being familiar with all WSU policies, procedures, plans, and guidelines prior to attending the New Employee Safety Orientation Training that you will receive from your supervisor.  Please let your supervisor know after you have reviewed all the following materials and are ready to schedule the safety orientation training with them.  A partial list of policies is below:

General policies for all personnel:

Laboratory specific policies and procedures:

If you have not yet attended New Employee Orientation, please attend the next available class in person, or watch it via WSU Online Training (using Skillsoft Percipio) if you have access.