Conference Rooms

L.J. Smith 217:

  • Description: Small conference room (4 to 6 people comfortably).
  • Telephone: One digital speaker telephone.
  • AMS Conference: Yes, but this older Polycom unit will not display the computer monitor to remote sites.
  • Computer: Yes (for local presentations only unless using Skype or similar technology, see limitations)
  • Additional: Extra Camera installed for those who wish to use other technologies such as Skype, Adobe Connect, Net meeting, etc.
  • Limitations: For AMS conferences this older Polycom Unit will not show the computer display. This room would not work for Power Point presentations to remote locations (except for Skype, Adobe Connect, etc.)
  • Operating Instructions: Download (PDF)

L.J. Smith 259:

  • Description: Large Classroom with wall mounted projector screen.
  • Telephone: No
  • AMS Conference Capability: Full capability including the ability to display computer presentation to remote locations.
  • Computer: Yes for both local and simultaneous remote presentations via AMS
  • Audio: Podium with microphone.
  • Additional: Overhead projector with large wall mounted screen.

L.J. Smith 263:

  • Description: Large Conference Room for 12 to 15 people
  • Telephone: Polycomm Telephone conference system with multiple speaker/microphone inputs.
  • AMS Capability: Full Audio and Video Conference capability and will display computer presentation to remote locations.
  • Computer: Yes
  • Audio: Polycomm speaker phone with multiple microphones.
  • Limitations: No additional camera for Skype, etc. Room availability limited due to high demand.

L.J. Smith 264:

  • Description: Small Class Room
  • Telephone: None
  • AMS capability: Full video and audio (PhoneBridge) capability plus ability to display computer screen to remote locations.
  • Computer: Yes,
  • Audio: LCD speakers, Video Conference microphone only
  • Additional: Projector
  • Limitations: No additional camera.