Outstanding NRES Student Presentations Delivered

The NRES Student Oral and Poster competition at this year’s AIM in New Orleans saw a total of 114 student oral presentations in NRES sponsored sessions, approximately 45% of all potential NRES oral presentations in non-invited NRES sessions. The following are recognized for their Outstanding Oral Presentations:

  • Timothy Grant, University of Tennessee, “Effect of Polymer-coated Urea on Cotton Yield and Nitrogen Uptake under Various Irrigation Regimes and in Varying Soil Water-holding Conditions”
  • Ana Martin-Ryals, University of Illinois, “Utilizing AnMBR Technology and Bioaugmentation to Improve Energy Recovery from Wastewater”
  • Amanda Montgomery, Purdue University, “The Effects of Different Biofuel Crops and Fertilizer Rates on Subsurface Water Quality and Yield on Marginal Land”
  • Carlington Wallace, Purdue University, “Quantifying the Effects of Future Climate Conditions on Runoff, Sediment and Chemical Losses for Different Watershed Sizes”
  • Iftikhar Zeb, Washington State University, “Recycling AD Effluent as Dilution Water for AD Process: Effects of TAN and Salinity”