Lav Khot and CAHNRS highlighted during NIFA’s National Washington Day – May 10, 2023

USDA | NIFA May 11, 2023

To celebrate National Washington Day on May 10, USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) is highlighting the innovative NIFA-funded research conducted by Lav Khot, CAHNRS and Washington State University (WSU).

NIFA’s support allows CAHNRS to bring new ideas to light that improve our food supply, protect our environment and natural resources, and keep Washington agriculture competitive. More than 73% of CAHNRS extramural funding is from federal sources, the most important of which is USDA-NIFA. This support enables an incredible range of practical discovery and education.

Lav Khot, as WSU’s AgWeatherNet director, is in charge of the network’s nearly 400 solar-powered weather stations located across Washington state. This helps Northwest agricultural producers to navigate complex and uncertain climate and economic environments.

NIFA underwrites work by WSU economists serving farmers and ranchers through the Western Extension Risk Management Education Center, which helps producers manage the evolving risks, such as drought, market, wildfire, regulatory and labor challenges, that they face across the diverse western region.

For more information on NIFA’s State of Success, National Washington Day, please visit the USDA / NIFA website.