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BSysE offers the Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Biological and Agricultural Engineering with four areas of emphasis:

From solar drying and pasteurization research in the 1970’s to today’s emphasis on biological waste analysis and treatment, chemical transport through soils, food engineering, bioenergy, bioproducts, and more, our department has a long history of technical environmental stewardship, research and education.

The researchers and graduate students of this department come from all corners of the United States and the world. Because of this diversity, our students leave here with the global awareness, the advanced education and the technical expertise to become the key players in the economic, technical, and environmental challenges that face us all.

These are exciting and challenging times for engineering professionals. These can be exciting and challenging times for you!

Call (509) 335-1578 to arrange a tour and meet our faculty!

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Collaboration Spotlight: Lav Khot

An assistant professor and extension specialist in WSU’s Center for Precision and Automated Agricultural Systems (CPAAS), Lav works with farmers and researchers…

Developing technologies that will change agriculture

January 2016, CAHNRS blog Farming of the future will be data-driven, and Washington State University is helping shape that future. As the world population grows and demands on our natural resources increase, producing more food more efficiently is a top global priority. Converging that need with advancements in robotics, sensors, satellites and data analysis puts agriculture […]

Research Team Proposal Funded

A team of researchers in Dr. Shulin Chen’s Bioprocessing & Bioproducts Engineering Lab will move on to the next step in the Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge. Until the final event, on March 31, 2016, the team will be busy fine-tuning their proposal.

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