CAHNRS 2024 Faculty Awards and Two Faculty Receive Fulbright Awards

Please join Dr. Garcia-Prez in congratulating Lav and Shyam for receiving CAHNRS college awards this year. 

Shyam Sablani is the recipient of the 2024 CAHNRS Faculty Excellence in Research Award

Lav Khot is the recipient of the 2024 CAHNRS Early Career Excellence,  he is also part of the team that received the 2024 Interdisciplinary Team Award

Congratulations, Shyam and Lav well deserved!!!! 

I also would like to congratulate Bin Yang and Shyam Sablani for their prestigious Fulbright scholarships that will allow them to visit and work for a few months in France and Thailand, respectively. Congratulations Bin and Shyam! Well, done!!!!