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Washington State University
Biological Systems Engineering News: Salazar-Gutierrez

New model forecasts grapevine bud break, bloom and veraison

May 7, 2017  |  Good Fruit Grower  |  Kate Prengaman

An AgWeatherNet anemometer spins from wind above a young Merlot planting northeast of Royal City, Washington, collecting data that will help predict key stages in phenological development through a new model now available to growers. <b>(TJ Mullinax/Good Fruit Grower)</b>When will your Cabernet Sauvignon reach bud break? And when should you expect your Riesling to bloom?

Every season is a little different, but Washington State University’s AgWeatherNet is now tracking what this spring’s weather means for your vines.

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Predicting Phenology: A New Tool from AgWeatherNet

Spring 2017  |  Viticulture and Enology Extension News

Phenology refers to “the science of appearance”. This translates into understanding nature’s “calendar” of plant development. Important phenological events in viticulture include bud break, bloom and veraison, which are tied closely with management practices. Predicting when these events will occur can be difficult; most key phenological stages of grape are sensitive to climate and seasonal weather. Seasonal changes can include variations in day length, temperature, and precipitation. Adding to the challenge is that spring phenological events are occurring earlier and fall events are happening later than they have in the past as a result of  climate variability. [Continue reading on Viticulture and Enology Extension News]


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Sophisticated presentations in Spanish

November 30, 2016  |  Good Fruit Grower  |  Ross Courtney

The range of topics for the presentations in Spanish of the annual WSTFA convention is from handling or handling pesticides to economics.

BSE faculty Melba Salazar-Gutiérrez, from Washington State University, talks about the practical use of AgWeatherNet in orchards in one of the sessions in Spanish of the Annual Convention of the Fruit Association of the State of Washington.

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Student Wins First Place

September 22, 2016

Congratulations to BSE, Tri-Cities student Hector Camargo! Hector won a Student Award at the 2016 International Society for Horticulture Science in Avignon, France.

He presented two papers, one poster, and one oral presentation. His poster titled: Modeling the growth of pollen tubes for Gala and Fuji Apples and his oral presentation: Predicting the Release of Endodormancy and Bud Break Occurrence for grapevines won 1st place in Hortimodel.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Melba Ruth Salazar-Gutierrez