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WSU’s Biological Systems Engineers celebrate a century of impact

From the Dean’s Desk – Dr. Powers Attends BSE Faculty History Celebration

Celebrating a century of impact by WSU’s Biological Systems Engineers

From the Dean’s Desk – Dr. Powers looking forward to BSE Faculty History Celebration

WAVE Minute: AgWeatherNet & Grape Growers

May 11, 2017  |  Good Fruit Grower  |  Kate Prengaman How can AgWeatherNet help grape growers across the Inland Northwest? WSU’s Melba Salazar explains.   [soundcloud url=”″ type=”visual” autoplay=”0″]   See the full story on the Washington Ag Network

Predicting Phenology: A New Tool from AgWeatherNet

Spring 2017  |  Viticulture and Enology Extension News Phenology refers to “the science of appearance”. This translates into understanding nature’s “calendar” of plant development. Important phenological events in viticulture include bud break, bloom and veraison, which are tied closely with management practices. Predicting when these events will occur can be difficult; most key phenological stages of grape are sensitive to climate and seasonal weather. Seasonal changes can include […]

Sophisticated presentations in Spanish

November 30, 2016  |  Good Fruit Grower  |  Ross Courtney The range of topics for the presentations in Spanish of the annual WSTFA convention is from handling or handling pesticides to economics. BSE faculty Melba Salazar-Gutiérrez, from Washington State University, talks about the practical use of AgWeatherNet in orchards in one of the sessions in Spanish […]