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Behnaz Molaei places in the ASABE Oral/Poster Competition at ASABE 2022

Photo of Behnaz presenting

Dr. Behnaz Molaei (former PhD Student of Troy Peters, LAWREE) is shown presenting in the ASABE Oral/Poster Competition during the ASABE Annual International Meeting in Houston, Texas, 2022.

Dr. Molaei placed in the ASABE Oral/Poster Competition within the Machinery Systems technical community for her work entitled, “Investigating Practical Artificial Hot and Cold Reference Surfaces for Improved ET Estimation using the UAS-METRIC Energy Balance Model”.

She will receive a $250 prize check for her presentation.



Joan Wu honored by CAHNRS with Excellence in Advising Award

June 21, 2022  | CAHNRS News

Photo of Joan WuExcellence in Advising: Joan Wu

Dr. Joan Wu received her BS in Geology and MS in Hydrology from Tongji University, Shanghai, her MS in Mathematics from WSU, and her PhD in Agricultural Engineering from The Ohio State University. During 1995–1998, Dr. Wu was Assistant Professor in the Department of Soil & Environmental Sciences at the University of California, Riverside. Since 1998, Dr. Wu has been Assistant-, Associate-, and Professor in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering at WSU.

Dr. Wu has collaborated extensively with the US Department of Agriculture and the US Forest Service in developing the WEPP (Watershed Erosion Prediction Project) model, a widely used simulation tool for water erosion in the US and worldwide. Dr. Wu teaches courses in surface- and groundwater Hydrology, and is responsible for a department core course “Research and Teaching Methods”. She is a registered Civil Engineer in Washington State, and served as WSU’s Faculty Legislative Representative during 2014–2018.

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Behnaz Molaei receives the AFW’s Karen P. Depauw Leadership Award

Behnaz Molaei wins the The Karen P. DePauw Leadership AwardAFW’s 2022 Karen P. Depauw Leadership Award has been given to Behnaz Molaei
April 11, 2022. Pullman, WA

Behnaz Molaei just won another leadership award: “The Karen P. DePauw Leadership Award” from the Association for Faculty Women (AFW) and the Graduate School. The award has been given during a special ceremony on April 7.

The Karen P. DePauw Leadership Award (for doctoral candidates) was created in honor of Dr. DePauw’s service to WSU in 2003 to give recognition to doctoral candidates that demonstrate evidence of leadership skills and/or university involvement.

Huge Congratulations to Behnaz and her proud advisor/mentor Dr. Troy Peters!!

This story has been twitted by Drs. Chilton, DePauw and Schulz:




Behnaz Molaei receives Graduate Student Leadership Award from CAHNRS Academic Programs

Photo of Behnaz MoleiCAHNRS Academic Programs
April 5, 2022. Pullman, WA

Graduate students are presently afforded multiple opportunities to be recognized for outstanding academics or scholarship. In contrast, there are few opportunities for them to be recognized for their leadership.

The College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences Graduate Student Leadership Award recognizes and celebrates graduate students who have demonstrated leadership that has positively impacted their unit, college, campus, or wider community. The award is not just for longstanding leaders; it is reserved for those who made significant positive contributions or improvements to the operations and functions of these programs, initiatives, or organizations. The winner receives a $1,000 award.

CAHNRS Academic Programs announces that Behnaz Moleai has been chosen to receive the 2022 Graduate Student Leadership Award.

Behnaz’s advisor is Dr. Troy Peters.



Behnaz Molaei receives the GPSA College Representative of the Year Award

Photo of Behnaz MolaeiMarch 23, Pullman, WA

Reanne Cunninghamm Chilton, the President  and Marwa Aly, Executive VP and Budget Chair of the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) at WSU announces that Behnaz Molaei has been awarded the GPSA College Representative of the Year Award.

She is being recognized as an execeptional college representative and chair of the awards and scholarships committee.

GPSA is so happy to recognize Behnaz’s accomplishments by giving her this award.

Behnaz’s advisor is Dr. Troy Peters.



Behnaz Molaei is a 2021 Irrigation Foundation E3 Winner

December 6, 2021  |  San Diego, CA

Photo of Behnaz Molaei as a 2021 Irrigation

Behnaz Molaei is a 2021 Irrigation Foundation E3 Winner at the ASABE/IA 6th Decennial National Irrigation Symposium, Irrigation Show and Education Week, December 6-10, 2021, San Diego.

Behnaz’s advisor is Dr. Troy Peters.


For more information, please visit the ASABE, 6th Irrigation Show and Education Week website.

Three Minute Thesis – Femi Peter Alege wins second place overall in the WSU wide competition

Photo of Femi Peter Alege

After winning the CAHNRS 2021 3MT competition, Femi Peter Alege, a doctoral student in WSU’s Biological Systems Engineering program, went on to place second and win a $1,500 travel grant in the overall University-wide 3MT competition.

“Congratulations, Femi, on your second place in the university Three Minute Thesis competition.  You represented CAHNRS very well and we are all very proud of you.” Dr. Richard Zach, Associate Dean for Academic Programs, CAHNRS, WSU.

“Femi. Congratulations for this very important achievement! Best regards!” Dr. Manuel Garcia-Perez, Department Chair, Biological Systems Engineering, CAHNRS, WSU.

Click on this link for the full story. WSU Insider.

Three Minute Thesis – Femi Peter Alege wins the CAHNRS PhD Competition

Logo for 3 minute thesis

Femi Peter Alege has won the PhD CAHNRS 3 Minute Competition. He will compete at the WSU wide competition later this month.

Congratulations Femi and Good Luck during the next phase!!

CAHNRS 2021 – 3 Minute thesis Results


  1. Femi Peter Alege – BSE – $500
  2. Lexi Jackson – HD – $250

Honorable Mention – $100 each

Lance Merrick – CSS

Kassie Stadler – AS

Halle Choi – SFS

Dowen Jocson – ENT

Kiersten Ritchie – ENT

Faith Price – HD

Josh Tibbits – SES



  1. Cheyenne Sloan – CSS – $500
  2. Anna Webb – ENT – $250
  3. Yuanhao (Rory) Want – FS – $250
  4. May Wang – Hort $250

Honorable Mention – $100 each

Lindsay McCoy – AMDT

Jazmine Richman – AS

Nathaniel Green – ENT

Bailey Hallwachs – Hort

Let us bring demand into the equation

July 13, 2019  |   WSU Insider

Let us bring demand into the equationUntil recently, a climate-change induced shift in water supply was the story of the Columbia River Basin’s future. But as researchers continue to fine tune climate models, shifting demand for water now must be accounted for, say Washington State University scientists.

Because the region depends on snowpack accumulation in winter to supply spring and summer irrigation water, the climate warming-induced shift in precipitation type had researchers and resource managers worried. If there’s more rain and less snow, how will there be enough melt water to feed the irrigation system through the warm times of the year?

Supply and demand are accounted for in a recent paper by WSU assistant research professor Kirti Rajagopalan and colleagues.



Read the Article : Demand factored into Columbia River Basin’s future.  WSU Insider






Graduate Student wins Award in Soil and Water Management and Conservation

November 4, 2018  |  Pullman, WA

Moneim Mohamed, a PhD student in the Land, Air, Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (LAWREE) emphasis area of Biological Systems Engineering  has won the 2018 Graduate Student Award in the Soil and Water Management and Conservation (SAWMAC) Division. Moneim is advised by BSE faculty member Dr. R. Troy Peters.


For more information, please visit the Soils Across Latitudes Site.