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WSU researchers creating catalyst to improve jet biofuel production

RICHLAND, Wash. – Efforts to create an environmentally friendly catalyst that will lower the cost and increase the efficiency in producing bio-based jet fuels has netted Washington State University researchers a $500,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

WSU Tri-Cities associate professor Hanwu Lei and his research team aim to develop the catalyst — a substance that increases the rate of chemical reactions and lowers the energy needed to perform the reaction — from forestry and agricultural waste products.


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Highly Cited Research

Biosystems Engineering Journal CoverCongratulations to Professor Hanwu Lei and his group members and co-authors who won “Highly Cited Research” from Biosystems Engineering. Dr. Hanwu Lei’s paper, “Thermal behaviour and kinetic study for woody biomass torrefaction and torrefied biomass pyrolysis by TGA”, published in 2013 is one of the most highly cited papers during 2014, 2015 and up until June 2016 according to data from Scopus. Dr. Lei’s paper is one of the 5 most highly cited papers published in Biosystems Engineering. A certificate for Highly Cited Research in Biosystems Engineering was awarded to Dr. Lei in recognition of the contribution to the quality of the Elsevier journal.

Dr. Shoujie Ren is the first author who is the WSU graduate (2012) of Biological Systems Engineering. The award paper is co-authored with his advisor Dr. Hanwu Lei and his graduate committee members Dr. Joan Wu and Dr. Shulin Chen. Dr. Ren is currently a post-doctoral research associate at the University of Tennessee.

The internationally respected Biosystems Engineering (formerly JAER) is the official scientific journal of The European Society of Agricultural Engineers (EurAgEng).

Student represents U.S. at sustainable chemistry school

October 4, 2016 | WSU News, by Maegan Murray, WSU Tri-Cities

zhu-leiRICHLAND, Wash. – A doctoral student at Washington State University Tri-Cities is one of 15 worldwide, and the only U.S. student, selected to participate in a recent week-long school in Germany about developing safe, reliable chemicals in a sustainable way.

“One of the biggest challenges for sustainability sciences is to find solutions that do not threaten economic growth, the environment, and public welfare,” said Lei Zhu, who studies biological systems engineering at WSU Tri-Cities. “In particular, developing countries are seemingly faced with the dilemma of economic growth versus sustainability. Sustainability Sciences is all about coming up with ways out of dilemmas.”

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Bioresource Technology, Best Paper Award 2015

Congratulations to Dr. Hanwu Lei and his group members and co-authors who won “Best Paper Award 2015” from Bioresource Technology. The published paper “A review of catalytic hydrodeoxygenation of lignin-derived phenols from biomass pyrolysis appears among the ten top cited papers contributing to the Bioresource Technology 2014 Impact Factor, receiving 31 citations (Web of Science) during 2014 which puts the paper in Joint 5th place. Dr. Lei and his co-authors are contributing such high-quality work to the journal and helping to secure Bioresource Technology’s continued position as a high impact journal in its field.

Dr. Quan Bu is the first author who is the WSU graduate (2013) of Biological Systems Engineering. The awarded paper is co-authored with his advisor Dr. Hanwu Lei and his graduate committee members Dr. Juming Tang and Dr. Qin Zhang. Quan won 2012 WSU BSE Graduate Studies Achievement Award – Alfred and Genevieve Gallucci. He is currently an associate professor at Jiangsu University in China.

Bioresource Technology’s aim is to advance and disseminate knowledge in all the related areas of biomass, biological waste treatment, bioenergy, biotransformations and bioresource systems analysis, and technologies associated with conversion or production. Bioresource Technology’s 5-Year Impact Factor is 5.330. It ranked #2 in Waste Management and Disposal in 2014 among all high impact journals from SCImago Journal and Country Rank. The awarded paper will be made free promotional access for 3 months by the journal, so that non-subscribers can also access and read the work free of charge, to ensure even more researchers in the field benefit from the paper and findings.

Tri-Cities Student Selected for Sustainable Energy Program

June 8, 2015 | By Maegan Murray, WSU Tri-Cities

RICHLAND, Wash. – Lei Zhu, a doctoral student at Washington State University Tri-Cities, is one of 33 United States-based students to be selected for the June 17-24 American Chemical Society Summer School on Green Chemistry and Sustainable Energy.

He will explore scientific solutions to the global challenges of sustainable energy through presentations by leading researchers, collaborative projects and discussions. [read full article]

Early Career Award

Lei-200Dr. Hanwu Lei, Assistant Professor of Biological Systems Engineering received the Early Career Award from the Association of Overseas Chinese Agricultural, Biological, and Food Engineers (AOCABFE) in 2014. The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding career achievement by a young AOC member in the profession of Agricultural, Biological and Food Engineering. The award is to honor achievement through education, research, innovation, development, extension, consulting, administration, international collaboration, and other professional activities. AOC is a professional organization of hundreds members from all over the world. The regular members are composed of university faculty members, post graduated research associates, and professionals working in government agencies, research institutes and industry. AOC has become a well-recognized professional society in worldwide biological, agricultural, and food engineering.

WSU Tri-Cities prof receives grant to study high-energy biofuels

August 28, 2015 | WSU News

RICHLAND, Wash. — Hanwu Lei, Washington State University Tri-Cities associate professor in biological systems engineering, was awarded a $494,000 grant this fall to research catalysts, which will be used to increase the energy output and performance of biofuels.

Lei said he will use the biomass-derived catalysts to produce aromatic hydrocarbons, which are high-energy organic compounds that are largely responsible for the octane number, or performance rating, of a fuel.

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